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About Tanner Gerstberger

Ever since I was young, I've had a yearning to create. I would often imagine myself inventing something of value to help society or to create a portfolio of art that would inspire others to follow their passions. When I was eight years old, I took my first pottery class and it sparked my interest in creating with clay.


Like many teenagers, I found my first love in high school. Only mine was the pottery wheel. I took as many classes as I could and increased my skills to the point where I was showcasing my art in local shows and competitions.

An opportunity arose to increase my skill level, when I found out that my friend's dad (Danny Meisinger) who lived only 15 minutes away was an excellent potter. I set up a meeting with him to talk about apprenticing and he allowed me to spend the next two summers with him, working, learning new skills and improving on the basics of pottery.


Taking the plunge to being a full-time, economically challenged artist is a tough step to make. My plan was to pursue a degree in Construction Management at Colorado State University so that one day I would be able to save up enough money to do pottery full time.

photo feb 19, 8 57 33 pm.jpg

Upon touring the house in which my friends and I were living in, I recognized the potential for the garage to be turned into a pottery studio. I had some money saved up for the upfront costs of the operation, such as raw materials, wheels and kilns. I knew that now was the optimal time to really go for it and become a full-time artist/creator.  


So here I am, stepping off the deep end plunging towards my passion of creating a spectacular collection of art that will live on long after I am gone. While also teaching the knowledge that I have learned throughout my years of pottery to others who seek to create. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and that you’ll become inspired to “throw” your life away like I've done and join in some of my classes!

The Origin of Dr. T

When I reignited my passion for pottery, I originally went by "Gerstberger Pottery", but it’s a bit of a mouthful and I wanted a name that was more unique and personal.

Dr. T was a nickname given to me by my friends in college. I had a quick response time and was usually the first one on the scene to “assist” my friends in need. I've always had a passion for teaching and sharing my love for pottery with my friends and family.

Eventually, word spread of my new nickname and my family decided to surprise me with a stunning, orange, neon sign as a gift, adding further sentiment to the name. Now the sign has become a symbol of my art and I realized the name Dr. T was here to stay. 

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